105082, Russia, Moscow, 2/5, Rubtsovskaya nab.
Phone number
+7 (495) 7855805; +7 (495) 7855811
About company
Company "GMP RussCom" for more than 25 years, carries out its own production and supply of accessories for badges, pass cards, plastic cards and equipment for printing and personalization of plastic cards, passes. "GMP RussCom" -the largest manufacturer and supplier of:-ribbons and chains for badges; tapes and cards with different printing; -pockets for storing badges; -charms-retraktorov; -clips and magnetic holders for mounting of badges; -plastic, proximity, HID cards; card printer Fargo, CIM, Smart; single plastic card laminator on the market Smart70, working independently and with all operating systems, including Linex; Laser Smart Personalization System CLM 70; -èmbosserov and much more. The quality of our products and the convenience of cooperation guaranteed.